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Exchange listings

Considering targeted investors and areas, we lead IEO/STEO campaings through one ore more exchanges, in turn or at the same time to maximise the succes. We act according to regions of specific interest of the world where to raise funds, through exchanges that runs in specific markets, such as China, Europe, Dubai, US, Asia, Russia, etc., or through exchanges networks that runs together in the main financial crypto capitals of the world. Please Contact us to run your IEO/STEO to succes!

Private coinsToken CreationToken design

Using diferent standards  as fungible or non fungible (NFT) instruments, according to the particularities of the project, we develop smart tokens for specific use cases as: ICO, STO, Asstets Tokenizations. We help communities and companies to develop activities through their own private coins. We create a specific number of tokens and list on an exchange.  Please share with us a Token name, total supply, if reissuable and decimals in order to issue your own cryptocurrency very fast! Please Contact us for an custom offer!

Consulting services

We offer comprehensive fully consulting services in order to implement a suite of best-known practices, protocols, and procedures, setting up standards and to create the right architectures of the projects. Please Contact us for a custom offer!

Marketing solutions

  • We sustain international projects on blockchain dedicated events – private meetings with investors, and keynote speakers to conferences in EU zone.
  • Digital marketing

Please Contact us for an offer.

Incorporate solutions

We build ecosystems in compliance with regulatory frameworks. We aim to offer solutions for right place for your project in the most Blockchain friendly places like Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, offshores, etc., according with the budget and project demands. Our partners in the Alliance are the best practitioners in the field and will help you implement this phase of the project together. Please Contact us for an offer.

White Paper

We deliver documented and understandable white papers and light papers, with clear and concise goals ensuring a good project structure for the institutional or private investors. We  audit  existing white paper documents as whell. Please Contact us for an offer.

Landing platform

We create dedicated landing platforms designed for each project. Please Contact us for an offer.